Monday, October 27, 2014

Blogging Challenge {Day Three}

Today's post should/will be a little more lighthearted and funny. Because today's prompt is one that I have tons of fun with.

Describe a moment or a day when being single was really awesome. 

I'm not going to pick just one moment or day. Because in all honesty (and here I'm going to contradict my previous post again - welcome to the female mind. Or maybe it's just my mind. I digress) being single is a ton of fun. 

Superficially, it's great not worrying about if my hair, makeup, or outfit is just right to make a guy feel like he matters to me. If I have a bad hair/makeup/clothing/etc. day, it's not as big of a deal. There's no one to impress! So I'll rock that hobo outfit and try again tomorrow. I'm not saying that looking good for your guy is wrong or that I would never enjoy such efforts, but let's be honest: some days, a girl just really doesn't want to care. And not having a guy makes those days so much easier. ;-) 

Selfishly, I love only worrying about my schedule and mine alone. Being a town student, I do have to think about my family's varying schedules as well, but all of our days run by pretty similar timetables. I don't have to worry about whether or not I'm getting enough time with my guy - because I don't have one! 

And finally, impishly, I thoroughly love being a third wheel. Partially because my dating friends are pretty awesome to include an awkward single person in their lives and partially because couples are so much fun to tease. My favorite couples are those who are great sports about my impishness. :-) 

All of these things can be summed up in those moments when I realize just how much independence and freedom I have. My life is simply me and God (and also my family since I still live at home;). I truly do have all I need. 

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