Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blogging Challenge {Day Six}

Sound off on the quote “Every woman has the exact love life she wants” 

Aaaww, look at that quote and it's good intentions. So cute. 

...but seriously, what? 

I tried to make sense of this quote. I really did. Tried to see where it was coming from, but all my analogies broke down with one argument. And in the name of transparency, I can say that this quote would have been quite a sting to a broken heart several times in my life. I have broken off relationships/potential relationships that I truly wanted (and had the same done to me). But I knew they weren't right. (not that I've had tons of relationships or offers for relationships... hahaha) 

Or what about the woman who wants a relationship with a guy, but he's not interested? Do we want to drive that knife deeper by telling her she doesn't want it badly enough? 

Life isn't always in our control. Actually, if we all sit back and are completely honest with ourselves, it's not ever really truly in our control. Yes, we make our own choices and find direction and all of that. But how many times have you had a wrench thrown into your equation that was out of your control? I stopped counting many years ago (because those occurrences got so numerous... not because I forgot how to count;). 

Our lives are not always what we planned or wanted them to be. But that is okay. Because, thankfully, we are not ultimately in control. God knows the future fully and completely. Anything that seems like plan B to us has always been plan A for God. 

So yeah, life - including a love life - is not always what we want it to be. But for Christians, as we follow after God and seek His will, we can rest in knowing that our lives are going according to His will. And it's all going to work out for our good and His glory. It may not seem good now, but that just means the story isn't over yet. 

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