Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Once Upon A Time.

There was a little girl.

And she had dreams.

She loved to lose herself in drawings and writings, the side of her left hand eternally stained with ink and graphite from all her time spent scribbling and doodling away. She was both quiet and loud, social and loner.

And she loved people.

Oh, how she loved people. A new person in her world did wonders for brightening her day. Another person's pain was her own. Another's joy was something she desired to share. She saw those who could not help themselves and her heart broke.

So one day, she told her daddy.

Because he asked her a question.

"What do you want to major in college? It's a long way off, but you're in high school now and it's something you should think about."

She contemplated the question for a quiet moment. She had thought about this, yes. She loved art, she loved writing, she loved speaking in public. But none of the majors pertaining to those things seemed to fit her. She didn't know what she would do with them. No one paid you to sit around and draw pretty pictures all day. But there was something she had thought about quite seriously...

"I'm kind of interested in psychology. I like thinking about how the brain works. How people work. How I can help them."

She paused, thinking about what she had said.

"What I really want to do is to help people who can't help themselves. Is there a major for that? I guess psychology would be it. But does Bob Jones have that major?"

Her daddy chuckled.

"No, they don't have a psychology major. But they do have a Biblical Counseling major. I think you'd like that. You'd do very well."

She contemplated this. Then nodded.

"Okay. I'll probably major in Biblical Counseling then. But I still want to be a psychologist."

And so she did. She thought about it many times. Counseling. Psychology. The whole idea of all of that drew her in, took her breath away. Working one-on-one with people the rest of her life? She could do that.

And so she grew. Graduated from high school. Went to college. Majoring in Biblical Counseling.

But there was always doubt in her mind. A little niggling at the back of her head that echoed every once in a while that this was not her major.

But what would she change to? She had many ideas.

Criminal Justice... Culinary Arts... Communication Disorders... Nursing... Education...



Not her thing.

She loved to teach, loved to see other people learning, but to be an actual teacher? Nah. Wasn't for her.

So she continued. She finished her freshman year. Went home for the summer. Changed living locations. Went back to college for her sophomore year. Learned some lessons. Made some changes.

But something still wasn't right.

The doubt continued to rise as the first semester of her sophomore year drew to a close. Pre-registration was starting. As she scrolled through lists upon lists of courses on her university's website, she decided to see what other psychology courses were offered besides her major classes.

As she scrolled, a class caught her eye.

Introduction to Exceptional Learners.

She read the description.

And she was hooked.

"This class will be perfect for me. I want to work with children with autism, so I'll need some background and understanding!"

So she registered for the class.

And sitting in the first week of lectures...

...she fell in love.

And she knew.

She prayed and she thought and she discussed.

And she knew.

She had found her calling.

The place she was supposed to be.

And she changed her major.

From Biblical Counseling... Special Education.

And she knows.

She is where she is supposed to be.

And that girl? She is me.

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  1. I love how much thought, research, discussion and PRAYER went into your decision to change your major. It wasn't a snap decision or a romantic ideal...this was real. "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord..."


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